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This addon has been around for a while now, but I've only just decided to make a thread about it.

The primary function of DuelResponse is to act as a duel shield, by instantly declining any and all requests for duels and Pet Battles which get sent your way.

However, it's not just for people who dislike dueling; it can also be used by those who enjoy it.

  • Any duels received while you are AFK or Busy will be automatically declined (although you can still hold down Control or Alt to let requests through).
  • Any duels received while you have Resurrection Sickness will be automatically declined.
    • You cannot override this feature by using the Control or Alt keys.
  • Any duels received while you have high World Latency (default 250ms) can be automatically declined.
  • Any duels received while you have low framerate (default 15FPS) can be automatically declined.
  • Most addon features can be enabled or disabled via the /dr command.
  • Holding down the Control or Alt keys will allow a duel or pet battle request through.
  • Tracks how many requests are declined.
    • Tracking occurs over all characters, as well as per character.
    • Good for nerds like me who like statistics.
  • Can also be used to block pet battle requests.


DuelResponse comes with two plugins, Blacklist and Whisper; these are included as separate addons, and can be disabled or enabled as the user sees fit.
    • Allows you to decline duels from named players, such as that Level 120 who keeps challenging your Level 19 twink.
    • When a player on the blacklist attempts to duel you, their request is declined; players who are not on the blacklist can continue to challenge you until you add them or enable the option to decline all incoming requests.
    • Players who are on your list have 'Blacklisted' in their character tooltip when moused over.
    • Allows the addon to send whispers to people when it declines their request.
    • Messages can be customised to say whatever the user wishes.
    • Sending of messages can be turned off.


DuelResponse is currently available in every language, although some localisations need a lot of work. Localisation is handled over at CurseForge; a link can be found in Localisation.lua.


Please use the ticket tracker on Curse to report bugs; if you post them anywhere else, chances are I will not see them.
Lua Code:
  1. function ShowSignature()
  2. print("Creator of DuelResponse, Free Bag Space, Guild and Faction Tooltip, XP Bar Text, Easy Portal Advert and Selfie Helper.")
  3. end
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