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I am new to these forums (not all forums, just these for Carbonite). I would like to know if you still can use monetary support/donations, or if it really doesn't matter (for instance, if you're not sure you will keep on from one patch to the next).

If you could still use donations, I will make one...can't be much, but I would like to support this add-on, if it will help. I wish I was a programmer--I'd offer to help in that way. However, since that isn't the case, I will donate at least a little something.

I, by the way, am nearly 63 years old--the mother of six grown children who have presented me with 16 grandchildren (17 coming up in November). I started playing WoW only 5 years ago, but only began using Carbonite after Cata came out. I love it, and depend on it.

Thank you again.