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Originally Posted by carboniteaddon View Post
There was no answer, since nothing was decided until yesterday.

I did get a few personal emails the last few weeks and I answered them. I said nothing was decided. I told a person last week I would be looking at it this weekend and I am. I did not know a patch was released, since no one actually said that in the emails. I don't play WoW anymore except for testing the addon.
If you have moved on from WoW any thoughts on donating the addon to the community? I would hope there would be a number of authors capable and willing of upholding its standards.
I know this is your baby and frankly its epic work as demonstrated by the complete lack of anything even similar in scope within the map category. Any decision is obviously entirely yours to make but it is a bit sad to those of us who love it that the best we can hope for is maintenance updates. Who knows what an infusion of new energy could progress the project to.