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Ok, they aren't really cooldowns per say. What I had is very very similar to what is on the HUD. The buttons themselves had countdown timers to when the DOT would fade. As a warlock, some of the dot's ramp up in damage, so re-applying BEFORE they fade is a bad idea (Immolate is one, think CoA is another). What this did was outline the button in RED and counted down, when the target no-longer had the dot on it (or if you switched targets!) it would clear the red border on the button, and the countdown would dissapear. Call me lazy I guess, but I liked it.

@Doomlord: OmniCC does indeed put up the "cooldown" (alot of DOT's make you wait after casting before you can cast again). And this did help (again with timing spell casts), but wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

I believe that it was Domino's that provided this. Is it possible to use domino's with nUI? I know I'd have to manually setup my bars, but I'm wondering if they would sit "on top" of nUI's bars. I technically only really need one bar (dot's bar) to do this, but the option of having this built in, or friendly with domino's if that's the case, would be the only thing making me not like nUI......