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Originally Posted by todd3835 View Post
Ok, I checked, and it is indeed Dominos. I can put it ontop of nUI's bars, but it would be nice if it just plain worked out of the box, or if there was a way to setup so that the bars in nUI could be disabled so that you can just plug in Dominos (or your choice of bars). Any thoughts?


That is against everything nUI is about.


nUI will never support removing the built in features so you can use a different mod that does the same thing. I can see adding the DOT timers to the action buttons, but that becomes a problem with an action has both a DOT timer AND a cooldown... which one do you show? They both matter.

What's wrong with just using the DOT bar... that's what it is for and much easier to see... it's even sorted in order of spell that will expire next so you know exactly which spell you need to cast next and how long until you have to cast it without having to scan all of your action buttons constantly to see which timer is going to expire next, etc.

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