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if you press shift while targeting arena1 ( I assume this is the unit id) then it will cast Cyclone
if you press ctrl while targeting arena2 it will cast Cyclone
if you press alt while targetting arena3 it will cast Cyclone
Otherwise if you are targetting an enemy it will cast Solar Wrath to harm them
Or if you are targetting a friend it will cast Lifebloom
This is mostly correct, however with the [mod:shift,@arena1], that makes it so you don't have to have anybody targeted. As long as you're holding shift and press your keybind/macro, then it (should) know to cast Cyclone at the Arena1 unit, regardles of who/what you currently have targeted.

I tried out the macro you suggested, and it worked with the exception of the [mod:shift,@focus] portion. It got ignored. HOWEVER, once I put the @focus portion of the macro at the end of the macro, on its own new line, now the macro, as a whole, works! So this is what the finished product looks like:

/use [mod:shift,@arena1],[mod:ctrl,@arena2],[mod:alt,@arena3]Cyclone;[harm]Solar Wrath;Lifebloom
/use [mod:ctrlshift,@focus]Cyclone
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