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Question Counting the number of times you put item on AH

Is there some addon that can count how many times did you try to sell particular item?
I'm trying to sell a lot of green gear that I get from Salvage yard and for some items deposit is quite high.
I's like to keep track of how many times did I list it so that I vendor it if it doesn't sell in a certain amount of listings.
Doesn't need to count anything I'm totally fine with doing counting myself, but just would be nice to see how many times you already listed the item. And maybe how many sales you did.
Or is there a better way to track that or handle green items that are worth selling on AH?
Maybe some TSM rules to relist them?
ATM I just use GoingPrice_EU and Auctonator. Getting them all from the mail and relisting manually at either current AH price or price I see from GoingPrice_EU.
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