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These are all from Goldpaws addon page on Curse found HERE I'm sure there are lots more options on each part of the addons pages also.

Bolded emphasis is mine

Common chat commands:

/gui - toggles the options menu
/glock - toggles movable frames
/setbars - set the number of bottom actionbars from 1 to 3
/setsidebars - set the number of side actionbars from 0 to 2
/enablefade, /disablefade - toggle the fading of frames when you're resting/mounted/afk
/smallbars, /bigbars - toggle the size of the actionbuttons
/hidebinds, /showbinds - toggle the display of keybinds on the actionbuttons
/hidenames, /shownames - toggle the display of macro names on the actionbuttons

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