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Titan Panel plug-in that shows status of all profs across all characters

Is there a plug-in for the add-on Titan Panel that when moused over would show the status of (up to) all your characters professions? I scoured the internet but the closest thing i could find for titan panel to help track cross-character profs was one that showed data only for the one character you are on. there is the addon Altoholic, but its a stand alone and doesn't show what the 1st/2nd prof's are (just their level) and I was hoping for a quick thing on Titan Panel that once settings are chosen all it takes is a quick mouse over to get the info desired.

If not, can I request one or get assistance to create one myself?
What I'm looking for is as follows:
- Very similarly based off how the built in Titan Panel "Currency" works. Maybe this could be built from it's infrastructure?
- When moused over, it would show your alts in a list sortable/hide-able by realm and/or faction
- Of characters based on previous bullet shown, names would be on the left, Prof's would be on the right:
- Options for Prof's would be by text, icon, or both for what the prof's name is
- Further options would allow you to select which profs are seen (as some people may not care about certain profs, such as Fishing or Cooking). My suggested toggle options would be: "Main Prof 1", "Main Prof 2", "Archaeology", "Fishing", "Cooking", & "First Aid". I went in and suggested this order as it is the order presented on the Professions window within the WoW HUD and I imagine that would make for easier programming, but if its easy to do I suppose you could toggle this sorting or an alphabetical sorting.
- Of course a toggle so people can choose that during combat if it would temp-disable the info panel that pops up upon mouse over.
- Lastly, the data that actually APPEARS on the titan bar while not moused over would be the current characters prof data, as toggled by the previous bullet's metrics.

Thank you in advance.

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