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FrameStrata/FrameLevel bug?

I've troubleshooted this as far as I can, but I believe something is happening with FrameLevel and FrameStrata in certain cases.
My bag addon has the bottom frame and it's background rendering above the bag buttons, however when I do a /framestack it shows pretty clear that they are at a higher frame level than the bag/bg. This happens even when I put the bag buttons at a frame strata of TOOLTIP, and only fixes when I put the bag frame strata at MEDIUM.

This is the framestack when i'm hovering over only the bag frame, and no bag buttons.

When I hover over the bag buttons, this is the framestack

But the bottom bag and bg still renders over the top:

It doesn't matter where I strata/level the bag buttons, they will only render above the bag when the bags framestrata is set to MEDIUM. However at medium it is then falling behind many other UI elements, such as QuestFrame and Actionbars, even if the framelevel is 27. Am I totally missing something or has someone else experienced this? I did a game repair/.exe delete to see if I had corrupted UI data.

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