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Thank you so much for your Help Kanegasi.

Almost there.

The 1-5 player frame, i would like it to show by default, and in 5-man dungeons.
Currently it hides when i am alone, and not in a group/party/raid

The second thing i discovered was that when i joined LFR, it set it automatically to 40-man
When the LFR was over, it went to the <20 man mode when it was less than 20 people in the raid.

I just copy-pasted the code you gave without modifications.

Thank you so much for doing this.

EDIT: Did a world boss...and it was at like 9 people visible...then they engaged the boss so i became in combat. When combat ended it changed from 20 man raid to 40-man raid as it managed to populate +21 people.
Not sure why it did not do that in LFR.
Is LFR 25people? DOHHH..think i just answered my own question as to why it "did not work" XD...
It should not be 20..but 25 for the medium raid frames. XD 5 groups not 4!

But still...how to make 1-5 default and always show, unless the other states are active?

Maybe this???
if GetNumGroupMembers()<6 then

Best reg.


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