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Dorwido seems really gone this time...

A few months ago I posted asking about someone taking up his addons, and then he reappeared on curse. Well, I just went looking to report something, and none of his addons are showing up on curse, nor any (sub)string of the name Dorwido. He'd renamed his addons "Wido's $" where $ was the name of the addon - for example, Wido's Flight Master Enhanced and Times. It looks like he's removed all his projects and deleted his account.

Of his addons, the ones I use are Flight Master Enhanced and Times, WoW Token Watch, and Explorer's Coords - the latter of which is throwing errors, but still sort of works as far as I can tell. Flight Master Enhanced is flaky. I haven't been able to get on wow enough since the patch to know if token watch is working - it only updates if the price changes, which doesn't always happen quickly.

When he'd reappeared on Curse, I'd asked him if he'd update here, and he said he had no interest in it. Unfortunately for me, I'm incompetent as a coder. I can provide the most recent versions of those addons.

Is anyone willing to take them over? Or, if there is ethical problems with doing that, recreate the functionality?
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