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Originally Posted by Barleduq View Post
I haven't found another flight addon that adds a list to the side of the flight map so you can find the name alphabetically. (which I actually use a lot, when I can't figure out which flight dot is the correct one.)
This one doesn't show a sidebar or list, but it definitely aids in navigation and selecting the correct flight path by changing how they are shown.


Dorwido's Explorer Coords put dots on the minimap (and on the edge for direction) for locations you hadn't found yet, helping with exploration achievements. (I don't recall if it put them on the world map also, I'm not logged in right now to check and it's throwing errors anyway.) GIven Blizz's penchant for requiring that for flying metas, it's EXTREMELY useful. I haven't found another with the same functionality.
Some alternate options both with tooltips and dots.


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