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The simple truth is this... there are not enough hours in a day for me to do it all... the donation level is nowhere near what's needed for me to not keep a day job. So, that means that 12 hours a day are gone right off the top for that... I'm up at 5:30 in the morning to get the day started, get my daughter to school, etc. Back home at 5:30 in the evening, fix dinner, tend to her homework, etc... it's 7:00 or later. I've got a couple of hours left.

How do I invest that time?

I can either work on making nUI6 ready, or I can fix the things in nUI5 people are concerned about. Pick your poison... you get one or the other, not both.

To be fair, I know nUI5 has issues, but they are non-trivial to fully fix... both require basically rewriting how the auras and pet bars work. Is it worth the many hours of coding and testing it would take to rewrite something that's not going to be used as soon as nUI6 goes live? What's the gain? At what cost?

Truth be told, in my view, the issue with the auras is a bit of a pain, but it's mostly cosmetic... it's ugly, but does not break game play. The pet bar is a bit more problematic, but since most people do not actively apply pet spells, even that has limited impact.

So... I *can* fix nUI5 and make it fully stable... but you can forget seeing nUI6 anytime soon if I'm making that time investment.

And before someone says it... I appreciate the people who volunteer to help me work on nUI6, but it would take me longer to explain what I want done and how than it would take me to do it. And, to be totally honest, nUI is and always has been my baby and I'm reluctant to involve other people in the direct development of it... I have no issues with others supporting it after that fact as Xrystal, Brillynt and others do, but the initial code is my thing.

So... that's my side of the argument for the sake of those who are interested in the discussion.

God's honest truth, I would love nothing more than to have enough support from the nUI community to be able to work full time at nUI and I'm working diligently to make that happen, but to date the support has not been anywhere near that level nor that consistent and frankly, I'm not terribly confident it ever will. If it were, then nUI would be far more than it is and I could have long since had nUI6 running, but the bottom line is I have to balance between a work life, family and nUI and I know it suffers as a result. It's just reality at its best I'm afraid.

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