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Blizz Addon Policy

I don't know that I ever intend to write an addon I would charge for, but, even so I'm kind of upset. Sure, this has been discussed before but I just returned to WoW recently so give me a break.

WoW claims 10 million users. At $15 a month that's $150 million dollars a month, or over a billion dollars a year in subscriptions alone. That doesn't count all the promotional revenue from tshirts, books, how-to-guides, etc.

Why on earth would they begrudge some developer trying to eek out a living in the tiny corner of their billion dollar industry - especially when all these addons are part of what have helped make it a billion dollar industry.

In addition, I'm inclined to respond to them that I will stop charging for addons (if I had an addon I charged for) when they can stop Susan Express from selling gold.
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