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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Hello, CClassiquee. I moved your thread into the UI feedback section of the forums.

It looks nice. I have just a few nit-picky things to point out thanks to my OCD.
  1. your player frame is a pixel or two higher than your target frame & action bars bg
  2. you should have a uniform spacing between the action bar bg and the bars/buttons
  3. same as above, but with ToT frame (should be spaced the same as player/target from the bg)
  4. your buffs (by the minimap) should have same border/skin as action bar buttons
  5. button on minimap should go
  6. fps display is 1-2 pixels higher than rest
  7. coordinate font should match the rest
  8. edit: you should decide where you want to see your buffs so you can hide the duplicate (or only display *important* ones by your uf)
Hey thanks for the feedback and placing my thread in the right section! I'm looking for a nice buff addon, I tried satrina buff frames. But I find it quiet buggy sometimes. And the button is usually gone, but forgot to disable it. Thanks for the rest of the tips I will get them straight soon. I really appreciate your tips.

Thanks :3
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