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Hahahaha,thnx Phanx,actually that chat frame is for general,guildchat and trade,but also displays loot and combatlog. Second tab is for party and raid stuff or bg. Third is for creature emotes.
I just don t like guildchat or general chat popping up between my raidwarnings when raiding.
The fonts,true still need to uniform it,but was still tweaking it. Thnx for the tip on the buffbars m8.
They were originally smaller but made them bit bigger this week to see how it would show. The battleground will be gone i guess when i choose hide till mouse over but i dunno yet,people can choose that for themselves also if they want it.
And if i know where i am really depends on the time of the day if u know what i mean. Sometimes i do sometimes i dont Actually the bright pink is cuz i altered the code for displaying colors. The bar is class colored so for a warr its going to brown,rogue yellow etc. But for my pally i changed the settings to get that. Liked it more than the original pink for pally.
What do u suggest to do with the artwork panels? Any good ideas or tricks?
Btw Phanx would u be so kind to check my thread out on the kgpanel question i asked?
I know u re amazing with lua,if some one knows its prolly u.
Thnx again
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