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It can be tempting to SHOW ALL THE THINGS! but you'll end up with a better product in the end if you critically examine each piece of information and consider whether you really need it. Does it have an immediate effect on your gameplay actions? Would you be unable to fulfill the obligations of your gameplay role (such as healer, raid leader, guild officer, tank, etc.) without it?

If the answer to both of those questions is even tentatively "no", you should probably get rid of it, or keep it hidden most of the time. The more things you have competing for your attention, the harder it is to notice and stay focused on on the really important things.

Have you considered a tabbed chat frame? This way, you would not have guild/general chat visible at all while raiding, since you could have all raid-related messages in one frame, and just switch to that during raids.

I'd also suggest getting a dedicated "loot monitor" addon if you really need to see all the rolls... but if you're not a raid leader, guild officer, loot council member, or master looter, you probably don't actually need to see that information.

Do you really need to see that your party members have Battle Shout? Get a personal buff reminder to alert you when you need to buff people, and hide the general buff display on group frames. Similarly, configure group frames to only show debuffs you can dispel (preferrably with a solid colored highlight instead of an icon, since the actual debuff does not matter) or debuffs that are specifically relevant to what you're doing (eg. important raid boss debuffs if you're raiding, or important PvP debuffs if you're doing arenas/battlegrounds).

Originally Posted by Léthalvenom View Post
What do u suggest to do with the artwork panels? Any good ideas or tricks?
Get rid of them. If you have trouble reading chat text without a background, try adding an outline to the text, or making the text bigger. If you still need a background, use a solid color with the minimum opacity that's usable for you (i.e. as transparent as possible), and make each chat frame have its own background, so you don't have a huge solid block covering up ~15% of your screen.

Currently the overall effect is that you're wearing a Master Chief helmet with only a narrow slot to see out of, and tons of neon HUDs flashing everywhere distracting you from what's actually going on in the game world.
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