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In order to do something like that, you'd need some saved variables to carry over between sessions on a per-character basis.

kgPanels DOES have a saved table called kgPanelsDB. It wouldn't be too hard to add your own fields to that table and then override some event in a panel to retrieve the part of kgPanelsDB you're using to store that information.

Unfortunately, kgPanelsDB is a per-account variable (not a per-character variable), so you'd have to explicitly store each character's name as the first-run message is disabled for each of them.

Though, seriously, with stuff like that, why not just make your own addon? Then you could store data per character or however else you'd like.

http://www.wowpedia.org/Saving_varia..._game_sessions might give you some ideas of how to set that up.
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