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Thanks for your suggestions. I tried it, but to no avail I also inserted a print statement, and it seems clear to me the function is never called. I did confirm PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE fires when I plant a mushroom... might have something to do with the unitless events, but I have no idea how to check for that.

I did run this script ingame:
local event = 'PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE'
for i = 1, select( "#", GetFramesRegisteredForEvent(event)) do
 local frame = select(i,GetFramesRegisteredForEvent(event))
local func1 = frame:GetScript("OnEvent")
It printed "TotemFrame" and a function number... seems reasonable enough, but I don't know where to go from here. I tried running "func1("PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE",1)", but that didn't do anything...

(e) I just remembered, there's another tag that's not working. I didn't want to ask 2 questions at once, but maybe they're connected? The other tag is

oUF.Tags.Events['BossBars:health'] = oUF.Tags.Events["curhp"] .. " " .. oUF.Tags.Events["maxhp"]
oUF.Tags.Methods['BossBars:health'] = function(unit)
		local m = UnitHealthMax(unit)
		if(m == 0) then
			return 0
			return math.floor(UnitHealth(unit)/m*100+.5)
It's "somewhat" working in that it shows HP percent, but it only updates when I change target. Seems some events don't reach their functions? Strange, the other tags seem to work just fine (and the healthbar of that unit works nicely as well).
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