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Well, don't I feel stupid now I mean, more than usual...

Here's how I made the fontstring:

	if TukuiDB.myclass == "DRUID" then
				self.shrooms = self:CreateFontString(nil, "OVERLAY")
What I do on _all_ other occasions but not here is to first create a local variable, construct the object and set properties and _finally_ set self.variable = variable. But in this one instance, yeah, I don't. I create self.shrooms directly instead of local shrooms and then setting self.shrooms = shrooms. Which makes the above... well, not working. The last line needs to read "self:Tag(self.shrooms,"[shrooms]")".

I found this by traversing ouf's code with print statements. Not trying to blame anyone else for my own stupidity, but is there a reason ouf does not print an error message along the lines of "Dude, your tag's fontstring is nil"?

Anyways, thanks for reading, special thanks to phanx for some handholding. I DID learn quite a bit, so it's not a total loss
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