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Red face Searching Hi and Low...

1st time poster so go easy on me, k?

Quite some time ago I used the GuildAds addon. One of the features I enjoyed most was the ability for all guild members to add items to a "wish list". Tooltip information was added so when you hovered over an item, it would let you know if that item was on the wish list and who needed it.

That addon is no longer supported and I have searched hi and low for something similar. I have tried several and none of them seem to do something similar.

Just a little additional information, I don't want this for my guild this time, I want it to use personally to know what items that my alts (10) on my server need for particular crafting recipes. I would like to be able to add the items each ones need and see in the tooltip if one needs it.

Anyone know of anything similar. Getting ready to try Cauldron..... ***crossing my fingers****
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