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How did using my alias help with carbonite development? it was my account, I chose to use real name instead of alias. Does this mean i'm stealing credit? no, the copyright still exists from the original, the GPL still exists, and it still gives credit to Carbon Based Creations no matter if what we have now is indistinguishable from what they provided.

How much of the original code still exists and hasn't been rewritten over time? If I hadn't split things, rewritten things, un-obfuscated things we would be without the addon.

I had never shy'd away from what my plans were with the addon, and that was to make it into something anyone even without knowledge could update and fix, and here we are today it's completely possible and many people do.

Some things and features break, it's a part of life especially for an addon. Many things still need to be tackled and thought out, such as how in Legion 9 times out of 10 the zone your in, is an instance and not a world zone, which completely screws with and screws up mapping capabilities. They have also redone much of the function calls which broke key things that have worked for ages, the problem is they fail silently so there is no indication. Take professions for example in warehouse, there was never an error message, never a problem, it just appeared as if it couldn't record Legion recipes. It took rewriting that section to use the new blizzard functions before it started working again, but how was anyone to know without an error popping up?

There is a lot more to addon development then you seem to think there is, and one small change or fix such as fog of war, might take 20+ hours of sitting and starring at code trying to debug it which puts it into the realm of a unpaid job, and none of us (I may be taking liberties with the other developers here) wants to do that. So we take our time, and do what we can, eventually it will get dealt with.

As a final word on the subject since you brought up donations, I could of easily gone the other route and started a patreon the same way several other addons are to turn it into a paid job instead of free labour, but I really didn't feel it would ever get support enough to make any goals so it was easier to go the other route and step back and let the community rise up.
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