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Nameplate creation with oUF

Hi all,

Just now, I've started to create a nameplate for my UI with oUF and I guess the main task is coloring the health bar (I wanna override oUF's built-in ColorUpdate function so...) based on each different cases like:
  • Is unit an enemy?
  • What's unit's reaction type?
  • Is unit NPC?
  • Is unit a player controlled?
  • Am I a tanking those units (Aggro, a threat situation)?

and so on.

I am pretty sure there are more cases that I should consider, but I ain't sure of what they could be

Any ideas, please?

-- EDIT #1

Okay, I made a super simple prototype which currently has health bar, health text and name text only, but clicking a nameplate doesn't seem to select a target.

Do I have to register "OnClick" script which calls "TargetUnit" function?

-- EDIT #2

And about aura creation, should I just use aura element built in oUF?

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