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Originally Posted by thomasjohnshannon View Post
Something like this at the top of your main code should work.

local oUF = ns.oUF or oUF
oUF.colors.power['MANA'] = {0, 0.55, 1}

Just replace the values with your desired color.

You can thank lightspark and Phanx for that bit since it is the same code that gave me when I asked.
If you're using oUF unembedded, that code will change the colors for all layouts you might have installed.
A better way of overriding colors is by doing it inside your style function, that way it will only apply to your layout.

Lua Code:
  1. local function myStyleFunc(self, unit)
  2.     self.colors.power.MANA = {0, 0.55, 1}
  4.     ...
  5. end
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