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What is so hard to understand here?

Originally Posted by Kkthnx View Post
Your 4 ways, state donation to obtain the UI. That is paying. Should I go over your 4 ways? All 4 ways require some sort of payment.

Blizzard not sharing with you? LMAO. This right here. Come on man pure greediness man. If you wanna be paid to code, this is not the place to (try) that. You doing what your doing will get you in the wrong hands with blizzard. Just follow the rules. WOWI is not shutting you down for no reason.
I think Scott has made his point quite clear and honestly I can't blame him a bit:

* Pay for the software, you get it.
* Want it for FREE? There are several ways to do that too.

This isn't rocket science, folks.

The point here is only that Scott is getting tired of people treating him like crap. Nobody deserves that. If someone has issues or questions about software, there are ways to offer constructive criticism and ask for help WITHOUT treating someone like the stuff one scrapes off one's shoe. That goes for Scott as well as the people behind the scenes at Blizzard. (Note that I say this knowing that neither Scott nor Blizzard can or will do anything for me, now, or at any time.)

All this crap coming down on Scott makes it look like it's a legal requirement that he take abuse from people that should be locked off the Internet altogether, and likely put away in a tower somewhere for crimes against society as a whole. I'll tell you what, though-- with the direction this is going, the only people that are really going to lose are those in the Gaming Community.

Myself, I don't play WoW anymore, and ONLY for that reason I do not use nUI anymore. It's a good addon though, even if some people feel it isn't for them.
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