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I'm gonna have to disagree, Rythal. Carbonite is dead in the water. The authors have given up on the addon. These forums are swamped daily by people hoping for either A) the authors to return to Carbonite or B) for someone who has created a replacement (I'm in this group). TBH, I've been against fan updates for addons ever since LunarSphere was dropped by it's author and given to the community to fix. I loved that addon and after watching fans update it the entire thing became a mess and I had to let it go. In the end I just wished the author would've taken the addon with him when he left to save myself and others a lot of grief.

Basically I'm saying there's nothing wrong with Dugi coming here and trying to help people replace an addon that, for the time being, has reached the end of its life with no hope for future development. I should mention that although I disapprove of fan updates I do respect them for what they try to do- save a vital part of a player's gaming experience. Unless you can some how take over where the authors left off (which you've said you won't do which is obviously understandable) then the updates you implement will merely be band-aides prolonging the inevitable. Eventually you're going to hit a roadblock which will leave the addon broken thus discontinue the updates or you'll have to take more liberties with the code.

(I do not say any of the above to be condescending but merely an insight into fan updates and the roadblocks that most all succumb to) And this whole post was way longer than I intended to be.