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Originally Posted by DugiGuides View Post
I don't mean any disrespect, I thought it was ok because the addon are free.

That analogy would imply that I'm stealing paying customer but carbonite is also free.
I think it's safe to say that Carbonite is one of those addons that many people become so reliant upon (most particularly because of the awesome maps) that their emotions can't help but be involved.

If your post and people's responses (regarding how amazing the "Google" maps are) influence you to create an equivalent map, I will be eternally grateful. Carbonite offers/offered a ton of awesome features, but the map is THE feature I miss the most, as it's the one I've never been able to replace. No addon/combination of addons comes even close.

Over the years I have found Carbonite to be too unstable to use for very long. I would give Carbonite another try because I missed it so much but low fps, video stuttering issues (despite a high end gaming system) and a significant increase in game disconnects would drive me away again. I would be beyond thrilled if you could duplicate its functionality in your addon and hope you give it some serious thought.