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Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
Minion is detecting newer version of addon. But still have a update button to installed the older version....
That's a known issue that's been mentioned in pretty much every Minion thread. Your options at the moment are either:
(a) don't download/update addons from anywhere other than WoWInterface,
(b) tell Minion to ignore the addons you update from Curse, or
(c) look at the version numbers and use your brain to determine whether you should actually click the "update" button next to each one.

Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
Minion needs a button to open the browser to the forums. I have a hard time finding this place
Surely your browser has a bookmark function? Also, the Minion download page is the #3 result on Google for "wow minion" and has a link to the forums.

Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
Have you guys thought about having this software scan people computer for hardware drivers update?
Ugh, no. Minion is a WoW addon updater, not a general "hand-holding for people who don't know how to operate their own computers" program.

In most cases updating your hardware drivers is totally unnecessary; the only one that really matters is your video card driver, and even that is generally not worth bothering with unless you're actually having a problem, but at least nVidia already provides you with an app you can run to check for and notify you of every available update; I'd guess AMD does this too for Radeon cards.

If you really care about getting the latest revision of your motherboard's USB drivers and can't figure out how to do that yourself, there are plenty of bloatware programs you can download for that -- including, presumably, the one you gave a link for.

Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
A way to make the Minion smaller. I'm using 1680x1050 monitor. Would like it I could make it smaller(left and right side.) I want it more like a square box than a rectangle.
Resizing is on their to-do list already.

Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
Needs a button for user to like the addons, and report problems that the addons has. So, the people that makes the addons can read it. This goes for both Minion, and the addons creator.
Re: a "like" button -- what is the point? This isn't Facebook. Nobody cares how many people "like" an addon. All that matters is how many people actually download the addon.

Re: a "report problem" button -- the Curse Client has this feature, and it is absolutely hated by addon authors. The average user has absolutely no idea how to report a software bug in a remotely useful way. On my actual download page, I can write out instructions users should follow, including a list of the information they should provide in their report so I can actually figure out what they're talking about and investigate. By contrast, the Curse Client doesn't show users any of that -- it just provides a big box for them to write useless nonsense like "it dun werk lol plz halp!!1" and then auto-posts that to the download page in the background, and the user never sees any requests for further information I post in response.

It would be possible to implement an in-app bug reporting feature well, but very difficult, and (IMO) not worth the time. Users should just be redirected to the addon's download page where then can read the instructions I wrote specific to both my addon and my personal process as a developer.
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