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Yes it is in-progress code for the time being. I am not sure what to do with the spell lists yet, or the buffs/debuffs lists but I know I need to keep track. My idea is to create something like weakauras or more like simcraft, where you have script which looks at 2-3 things and decides what to do next. I got this idea from writing my own simcraft scripts for my Frost mage just a few lines of code so that I could understand the rotation and the talents etc and compare with the simcraft's own (very complicated) scripts. Then I thought why can't I have this script in game too - and then I tried weakauras or the other one that highlights your buttons, but it is too heavy duty and then I thought let me have a go at it myself. Something like that. It's also fun to make your own addon and use it (productively) in game. In the old WoW you could have it on full auto (one button raid healing), but now you cannot assign different actions to the same key in combat, so the best you can do is to highlight existing buttons or provide clues like DBM and others - anything more than that and you'd be breaking a lot of rules. And I suppose a lot of people already break them anyway.
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