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Thank you for the links to those addons.

I have done mine for now, I think, finished testing late last night, tested on my Balance Druid.

As with weakauras et all, I still find my reaction times way too slow to take full advantage of the on-screen prompts even though they display well before the end of the GCD or the previous spell cast. Maybe good to remind you to use a trinket or something but it's like bicycle riding, it needs to be fluid and quick, you cannot be following prompts. On the Frost Mage for example, on occasion I must cast 6 spells back to back, especially the Flurry's, you cannot be following prompts for that you have to know it or have a sequence macro for when Flurry procs.

I also think (have not tested) that the client queues keystrokes, so that you spam the spell 50% into the GCD and say 75% into the previous cast, and it still fires and with 0 latency, whereas if you wait any longer there will be pauses in your rotation and a DPS loss.

Best use of the prompts I think will be from a machine that reads the prompt and reacts in 0 time. Not allowed of course.
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