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First... the built in threat meter is no longer built in... not since WoW 3.0 as that broke it. So nUI does not have a threat meter built in at this time.

Now... that said... why can't you use Omen3 with nUI... not only does nUI support it, it integrates it. I'm going to hazard a guess that you haven't figured out that you can change the information panels in the lower right of the dashboard maybe? There's a red button there that probably says "Map" -- click it and it will rotate between the map, combat log, Omen3 and Recount (if you have Recount installed). Check out http://www.wowinterface.com/download....html#optional as well where you can find some plugins that provide alternate ways of displaying Omen3 and Recount in nUI's info panel.

The "threat bar" you see on the character is not a threat bar, it's the health race bar. You can read about it in the ABOUT.TXT which was distributed with your copy of nUI or on the download page at http://www.wowinterface.com/download...-nUI.html#info -- it is rather redundant in the "Player/Target" and "Health/Power" HUD settings, but exceptionally useful in the "Simple HUD" mode and killer if you PvP. However, once you've read about it, if you choose to not use it, you can turn it off with the command '/nui hud healthrace'

I might suggest while you're reading the ABOUT.TXT (or documentation on the download page) you take a moment to skim over what other slash commands are available, as well. You'll also find a GUI tool written by Kodewulf on the optional files page (link given above) you can use to access all those settings from a panel.

nUI and Healbot are compatible and quite a few nUI users also use Healbot. I would suggest you make sure you have the latest version of Healtbot installed. I might also *strongly* recommend you back up a step and follow the nUI installation notes procedures you'll find here... http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...postcount=2790 -- that will ensure you the best performance and most stable installation.

This issue you're referring to with the casting bar vanishing is a known bug that I'm trying to track down. If it helps any, it results from spamming the spell you're casting. For some reasion the second cast is being received before the cancel message from the first cast is received so the entire bar is being cancelled... it's the order that Bliz is sending the messages in and I'm trying to figure out a way to recognize when that happens and catch it so the bar doesn't get removed. Trying to avoid spamming the spell will help (though I know that's hard in the heat of battle)

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Help me out here, I must be a noob.

Can you explain or show via a screen shot how the built in threat meter works? I have Omen and I can't use it while I have your mod installed, and I would rather see the Omen window instead of trying to decipher 16 bars on the screen at once. I like the health and mana bars, but I would love to get rid of the little threat bar on the character, and any other bar possible and just use Omen. Also, my casting bar seems to disappear at times causing me to constantly try to cast the same spell that has already been cast (but I didn't know if it had failed, or whatever, because I can't see the progress). This does not occur in raid but all the time. I also can't seem to use healbot, or something is wrong with healbot mod and WOTLK.

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