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Ret is not about tanking, ret is about DPS.

I have really enjoyed both holy and protection.

Protection really starts to shine around the 30s -- Sanctuary's the magic cookie. Basically, with good defense and sanctuary, you can kill most mobs slowly -- but it doesn't seem to take longer for larger groups. So, say, it might take me 20 seconds (two glyphed consecrates) to fully kill a mob... And 20 seconds (two glyphed consecrates) to kill a group of 8 or so.

I haven't played on my holydin so much lately. I recall that he was pretty much able to heal for as long as I wanted, but didn't kill very fast.

When he got his first sword, I realized that he'd never trained it... So I just sat there beating a same-level mob (50 or so). For about 15 minutes. Never even came CLOSE to running out of mana or health.
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