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Originally Posted by Bellator View Post
I know this really depends on playstyle and interest, but going to ask anyway. Do you play a Paladin and which spec do you play and why? I am still playing my new druid and having a ball. I am thinking of even trying a Paladin since I never have. Since I have played casters, is a Protection or Holy a beefed up caster? Retribution seems very much about tanking with some nice spell backup?

Thanks for your input

I've played a paladin for almost 4 years and the only thing I wanted to add to this discussion was that now, finally, retribution is a viable choice. They finally fixed "most things" broken with the retribution talent tree. So, my point is, if you want to do dps that's comparable (if not superior) to almost any other "traditional" dps class/role, ret paladins are no longer laughed at.

I prefer tanking as a paladin if you are in a good realm and can get a lot of runs. If not, going retribution makes grinding, questing a little more fun. I'll never heal again as anything, so I'll never recommend holy although I realize it's good and people like it. I spent almost 3 years primarily as a healer and well, it's run its course for me.

Good luck
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