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The most I can say for Prot is that it tanks like a beast. I haven't played it, so I can't say much else beyond that. As a healer, I have nothing but high praise for Prot Palies.

My off spec is Ret, and I can tell you from experience that Ret can't tank to save anyone's life, not even its own. I would sooner have a Holy Paly off-spec tank than a Ret Paly. Ret does silly amounts of dps, however, and it's fun to watch things fall over after one has essentially face-rolled his keyboard.

I play a Holy Paladin, and I have leveled that way since I got my first talent point at 10. Having come to the class directly from Mage, I can tell you that if Holy is played properly, it is exactly like being a Mage with the added bonuses that you can wear plate, you have heals, and your melee swings are worth a d*mn. At 80 I will be experimenting with Shockadin (a dps build that centers around Holy Shock). I know it will be worthless in raids, but it'll be a ton of fun. If you do pursue healing as a Holy Paly, stack Int. Lots and lots of Int... Paly heals work way differently than any other healer, and if you try to build its stats like other healers, you will fail. When one is stat-stacking properly, Pali heals hit loads harder than any other class's heals will (to include Priests). You won't group heal as well as the other heal classes, but you'll rock socks on single target healing way better than any of them. Resto Druids will give you a good run for your money, but don't be daunted by them. You don't have to do nearly as much work to do all the healing they're doing in trying to keep up with you. ~_^ HoTs can only do so much. :P

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