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The UnitPower problem is due to the following block of code:

function nUI_Unit:updatePowerInfo( unit_id, unit_info )

--	nUI_ProfileStart( ProfileCounter, "updatePowerInfo" );
	modified  = false;
	if unit_info then

		-- check the unit's current power data
		power_type = UnitPowerType( unit_id );
		cur_power  = UnitPower( unit_id, power_type );
		max_power  = UnitPowerMax( unit_id, power_type );
		print(power_type, cur_power, max_power)
		if cur_power and max_power then
			pct_power = max( 0, min( cur_power / max_power, 1 ));
on any character/animal etc that doesn't have a power value it will do a divide by zero error. This so far includes vanity pets and bank tellers, I would guess the test dummies are the same as they do not fight back.

Just changing that if statement to the following stops that error when mousing over entities that do not have a power value.

		if cur_power and max_power and max_power > 0 then
			pct_power = max( 0, min( cur_power / max_power, 1 ));