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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
Hmm, that seems to be the way it was supposed to work.

what happens when you do that run without nUI loaded, with just the standard UI ? does it have the extra action bar as literally an extra one alongside the main action bar ?

I thought the idea was that during the phase the extra action bar was on screen you only used that ability. is that not so ?
I think to understand the extraactionbutton you need to see it in action. Try googling ultraxion button pictures and you will get a variety of screenshots, some plain blizzard and some with replacement ui's. It is not a bar in the sense that you are picturing it. It's just a big pretty button. Once it's keybound you don't ever need to see it again. The small addon BetterExtraActionButton not only shows the button but makes it movable on screen. It still works correctly in 5.0.4 and looking at it seems to just deal with uiparenting although I know nothing about coding.

The usage of the button is different than you are thinking. You have this big dragon in front of you. Your screen is normal other than the addition of this pretty victorian looking purply pink button sitting over there. The idea is that at some unknown point in the fight this dragon is going to cast something terrible that will kill you and that the only way to survive is to click that button which will phase you out for a few moments. The button is available at all times during the ultraxion fight but the trick is to click it at just the right time.

This mechanic is completely different from the issues with DMF and your current fix is resulting in a total loss of control during the ultraxion fight. This button should not replace the cast bar.

Some additional spots to test these cast bar switches would be the argent tournament jousting, including the dungeon there as well as the singing sunflower questline in hillsbrad, the flowers vs. ghouls minigame. I believe I've read that all of these use the vehiclebar?