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Originally Posted by Duugu View Post
It's not possible to enable nameplatess one by one. It's a all or nothing thingi.

It is possible to modify the nameplate of your target to be mor distinct. (highlight, size, frame, font, whatever)
I would say alm]ost every nameplate addon is capable to do this ... more or less.
I have been looking at TidyPlates I'll have to give that a shot.

Originally Posted by kraftman View Post
I don't see any reason why you couldnt hide the nameplates for every player except the target.
Any idea of anything or anyway to do this if you think it's possible? I am fairly new to the UI changing and PVPing also.. and I get lost in bgs so easily lol.

Edit: I figured it out XD Thanks.. In tidyplates it has an option to make Target Opacity to 100% and Non Target to 0% so when I have a target they all disappear.

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