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Originally Posted by schwim View Post
Hi there guys,

Since the devs showed back up and then disappeared again, it caused enough fear of retribution to stop the centralized release of updates, but I can see on the forums that nobody really stopped updating, they just stopped packaging the changes. I've heard mention of something as late as 50408 and I even see a link to a file on torrent sites, but to be honest, I'm not very trusting of the files I would get from a torrent enough to risk my wow account on it.

Trying to roll your own by following the threads has become confusing as well, as some threads use the fanmade addon as a base while others are starting with the official 504.

I would just like a latest version of Rythal's carbonite. Is there a way to download this file? I understand that we've all been instructed to fear legal action if we fix the addon, but since everyone is fixing the addon on the forums anyways, the step of actually prepatching my files at no charge doesn't seem like that big of a jump legally.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time!
Yes, 50408 is a real version...it combined my fan update with the changes official update made for starter zones. I'm not the one putting it on the torrent sites tho, nor have I downloaded it so I can't verify if that's real or not..

50409 will be soon... I'm working on a massive update fixing things from BC forward on the map side of things along with scenario's (and if I have time, i'll try to align pandaria better... while everything works and is there, 2 levels of the map are not 100% lined up so while you'll see yourself on a road in minimap, you'll see yourself in a field on overlay in some spots etc, the trouble is trying to fix it without actually being in the zone is very time consuming :/)

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to let people optionally use my fixes while the real ones broken, personally I hate torrents but as I said I'm not the one uploading it there, I have tried a couple file drop sites but they are unreliable and sketchy... I've had a lot of people offer to host it on there own sites, but that gets to slow for me waiting for someone else to upload a patch i've made.... so I really don't know what to do.