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Originally Posted by Haleth View Post
If you are going to take any code from Aurora (which it looks like you are) then I'd rather you ask for permission first before doing so.
Sure! But I haven't used any code. Which part looks like I have?
I am trying to Reskin the Blizzard UI all by myself while putting my own spin on it.

I honestly have tried doing everything all by myself as I like to see how well I can do it (more of an achievement and learning experience). I wanted my AddOn to skin less than what yours does so your mod is larger. Also I wanted to skin things slightly different

I took a look at your code only a few times when I got stuck to see how you handled certain parts but then used my own functions to skin it in a completely different way. I mostly have been studying the Blizzard AddOn files to do this. I hope this is okay? It is not published yet and while I am asking, am I allowed to use small snippets of your code in future? I will give credit where credit is due!

So far 100% of my code I have wrote by myself but I suppose there is a chance that some parts work in similar ways if there is only one way to do it. Really sorry if I crossed the line by mistake Haleth, I just thought the AddOn Skinner does reskinning as well so why can't I make my own?

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