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Post /dump Multiple Items?


Is it possible to "/dump" multiple items in your bags?

If so, would it be possible to print the results into a file/GUI list(in-game) maybe even with bag container id slots?

Or are their restrictions that I need to be made aware of?

Reason I would like to able to achieve this is because I have literally 1000's of lockboxes from my multibox farms and have decided to see if there is a more stringent way of identifying worthy boxes to unlock.

I was recently made aware of this old post regarding the affect I'm after:


TL;DR : ADIBags using the feature "Merge all unstackable items". Therefore showing which boxes that may have loot worth AHing.

HOWEVER, I do not wish to break any ToS what so ever, so in hindsight. If It is possible would this be considered an exploit or smart use of the wow interface?
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