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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
This isn't an entirely accurate statement. An addon is perfectly capable of violating the ToS using innocent api functions; by spamming another player with automated whispers, for example.

We can pretty safely assume that identifying the contents of locked lockboxes is probably not intended behavior, even if it's possible to do it by looking at their item links.

You won't risk punishment for doing this and discarding the junk, but scamming other players by selling lockboxes that you know contain nothing of value, as is suggested multiple times in that reddit post, perhaps isn't the smartest way forward.
This is why I usually include a mention about other rules. An addon spamming other players or violating chat rules is covered under community interaction rules, not automation rules, but still a valid thing to worry about.

As for identifying items in a lockbox, that is impossible. ballistics1142 is looking to identify the lockboxes themselves in an organized format due to a large amount of farmed lockboxes. They want to sort between ones to unlock and ones to vendor.

Originally Posted by ballistics1142 View Post
Thank you for the clarification @Kanegasi.

Still though in your opinion is my original question still possible?
Dumping items into a list? Yes, very easy to dump a list into chat, but I am unaware of an addon that displays bag items in a list format. As for AdiBags, using any inventory feature of AdiBags is not bannable in any way.

Here's a line of code you can copy/paste that will dump an alphabetized list of your bags into your chat:

/run local d,s,l,n={},{}for b=0,NUM_BAG_SLOTS do for p=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do l=GetContainerItemLink(b,p)if l then n=l:match("%[(.*)%]")if n then s[#s+1]=n d[n]="bg:"..b.." sl:"..p.." "..l end end end end sort(s)for k,v in ipairs(s)do print(d[v])end
Lines are formatted like so:

bg:4 sl:5 [Swift Springstrider]
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