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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
You won't risk punishment for doing this and discarding the junk, but scamming other players by selling lockboxes that you know contain nothing of value, as is suggested multiple times in that reddit post, perhaps isn't the smartest way forward.
On one side I could sympathise with your opinion, however you have automatically assumed I have an underlying agenda to hurt/scam other players. What if I was to let you in some information, such as, I will be opening "Leystone Lockboxes". Now last time I checked there was literally nothing of worth in them but maybe the chance of mythbusting the 101 810 relics?

Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
As for identifying items in a lockbox, that is impossible. ballistics1142 is looking to identify the lockboxes themselves in an organized format due to a large amount of farmed lockboxes. They want to sort between ones to unlock and ones to vendor.

Dumping items into a list? Yes, very easy to dump a list into chat, but I am unaware of an addon that displays bag items in a list format. As for AdiBags, using any inventory feature of AdiBags is not bannable in any way.

Here's a line of code you can copy/paste that will dump an alphabetized list of your bags into your chat:

/run local d,s,l,n={},{}for b=0,NUM_BAG_SLOTS do for p=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do l=GetContainerItemLink(b,p)if l then n=l:match("%[(.*)%]")if n then s[#s+1]=n d[n]="bg:"..b.." sl:"..p.." "..l end end end end sort(s)for k,v in ipairs(s)do print(d[v])end
Lines are formatted like so:

bg:4 sl:5 [Swift Springstrider]
This is correct. Thank you for understanding my situation! Also I couldn't commend you enough for your help!

Originally Posted by Ammako View Post
There is Baud Manifest, if that could be of help in some way.
Thanks! I'll be sure to have a gander at your suggestion.
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