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Originally Posted by ballistics1142 View Post
On one side I could sympathise with your opinion, however you have automatically assumed I have an underlying agenda to hurt/scam other players. What if I was to let you in some information, such as, I will be opening "Leystone Lockboxes". Now last time I checked there was literally nothing of worth in them but maybe the chance of mythbusting the 101 810 relics?
You misinterpreted what I wrote, there's no need to get so sarcastically defensive.

I haven't accused you of anything, the post you linked to (the one the topic is about) specifically mentions scamming people using this technique in the top comment.

To accurately answer the question you asked, this is something that has to be addressed, because whether or not you're going to get in trouble for doing this is reliant upon what you then do with the resulting information and not the method itself.

Blizzard obviously wouldn't know you're doing this unless you brought attention to yourself by doing something stupid with it.

Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
As for identifying items in a lockbox, that is impossible. ballistics1142 is looking to identify the lockboxes themselves in an organized format due to a large amount of farmed lockboxes. They want to sort between ones to unlock and ones to vendor.
He's not trying to sort his lockboxes based on item type, he's trying to use metadata from the item link to identify which lockboxes contain epics so he doesn't have to open all of them.

He mentions that he's concerned that this might be breaking the ToS because it seems like an exploit, and wants us to tell him that it isn't so he can justify doing it.

The reason it seems like an exploit is because an addon is capable of revealing information that is not otherwise available to us, and that information can be used to take advantage of other players, which is what Blizzard would take offense to, and why this is most likely an oversight rather than intentional design.
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