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TomTom script questions

I saw this script online to create a macro that adds waypoints. I would like to use this in other areas with other coords but I can't see to find the proper ID needed to update other zones.

/run if TomTom then for _,v in next,({{15,62},{24,9},{28,49},{30,29},{39,10},{42,70},{46,48},{53,19},{55,69},{63,53},{63,14},{70,39},{76,68}})do TomTom:AddWaypoint(1527,v[1]/100,v[2]/100,{title="Friendly Alpaca"})end;end
I believe 1527 stands for Uldum but I can't verify nor do I know where to find the ID needed for another zone (eg. Tanaan Jungle). I thought the MapID was the key but I am unable to find 1527 in the list and updating that value with anything else does not see to place markers anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help.
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