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There is no 255 units limitation. You can buy 1000 units fully by executing this macro when pressing Ctrl key.
You can buy 100 units when pressing Alt key.
And to buy stack by stack, default quantity is the maximum stack size of that item.( e.g) 1, 20, 200)

/run C={GetCursorInfo()}if C and C[1]=="merchant"then i=C[2]p=GetMerchantItemMaxStack(i)a=p;if IsControlKeyDown()then a=1000;end;if IsAltKeyDown()then a=100;end;t=a/p;if a<p then t=1;p=a;end;for k=1,t do BuyMerchantItem(i,p)end;PickupMerchantItem(i)end

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