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First thing I did was turn off all my hunter-focused addons. (I only had 1).

Now, I think I forgot to mention, that sometimes I can't see the Character Pane, or the Spellbook. *sometimes*. Various other things on the screen behave as if they're open - the sounds fire off, among other things. The numbers on my toon portrait re-arrange themselves in the same way they do on my monk. But sometimes they work.

I just logged into the character, figured I'd do gold farming from raids. I happened to notice that the bmah had a mail item, so I went into the underbelly to get to it.

When I talked to the guard at the front, it wouldn't show me his vendor frame. I could, however, buy a guard.
When I went to talk to the BMAH, I couldn't see the interface. I came here and read the comments, and disabled Best Sell Button, Extra Quest Button, Quest Guru (and it's dependency). It worked! I could see both!

So I started turning them back on again. I now have them all enabled again, and I can still see everything from the bodyguard guy, and the BMAH in Underbelly - LegionDal.

So I bounced to Boralus, and I could get my second loot token, and talk to the weekly quest turtle.

I'll update this if things go weird again. I want to reiterate that, this entire time, I've had the exact same addons enabled on both the hunter and monk, and the monk never saw any problems.

who is SO confused.
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