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It basically means that somehow a WTF file has a different value to what is expected.. either due to an addon change since your last play that doesn't validate new variables added since .. or a bug that caused the wrong value to be written that has been fixed but hasn't ensure the data has been fixed. I usually clear out my WTF folder when I have played after a long break and addons have had a significant set of changes.

If it ever happens again, rename the WTF folder and restart. The game and the addons will rebuild their files as needed . But seeing as this method also wipes any addon settings you might have you will have to reset them.

If you know the addon with the problem, rename the addon's specific WTF file.

If you only have the problem on one character, despite numerous toon switching then the problem is with that characters version of the WTF file.

The path to these files are as follows:
Game Wide : > \_retail\WTF\
Account Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\
Server Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\<Server Name>\
Character Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\<Server Name>\ <Character Name>\

Game, Account and Character level folders have a set of game files and a folder named SavedVariables. You can rename this folder or the individual file(s) inside as needed. Each addon with a set of WTF files will be in this SavedVariables folder depending on if it is an account or character wide set of data.

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