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Flexbar2 is on the wowace.com SVN and looks like it's being actively worked on (updated 20th Dec).

WhisperCast is dead, it's no longer possible to auto target or cast with any addon.

BugMeNot from wowace.com does the same as FilterAFK.

TrainerSkills - In the comments of TrainerSkills (continued) over on Curse someone has posted today (23/12) saying he has an updated TBC version ready to upload. Failing that, School on wowace may fit the bill (or as already suggested, TrainerFu if you use Fubar).

HealSync also appears to be on the wowace SVN, but there's no real indication that it's working or actively being worked on. It's been updated to run in 2.0 but forum posts suggest it's not currently doing what it's supposed to.
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