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Submiting suggestions, it's not as easy as it sounds...

I've had some ideas on some features, tweaks and changes that would be (imo) good additions, still I have problems finding out where to exactly convey these ideas as there is no "suggestions" forums on the battle.net site, not to mention the game is developed in the US so me posting these in the EU PTR or what not forums isn't really the best way to do it.

Somehow I'd have to post my idea somewhere the Blizzard US devs hang around to increase the chances that they actually maybe see the suggestion, and more importantly I believe there should be categories in suggestions as some suggestions like Interface, bug fixing, e.g. may be more interesting for the Interface team to check out than just having a big mash of tons of weird ideas for new classes and gameplay while the more important (imo) like Interface bug fixes and new API for specific things, is left out.

Recently I for example thought that a new unit type "nameplate#" would be a good addition as it would make nameplates more usable and you could easier update debuff/buff and other information more efficiently and not having to mouse over the stack in order for the addon to be able to get new information.
Not to mention the default UI could then have a show/hide feature for buffs, debuffs, buffs you can cast, debuffs you can dispel, e.g. on the nameplates directly.
Since there is no global "max" limit on nameplates a simple API that returns the number of visible nameplates would be lovely as well, so you know how many to traverse and such.

I'd for example like to submit this idea to the Interface team but I don't know where and how, it's up to them to decide if it's worth it but I'd like to know that my suggestion at least goes in the right direction.
There is no point writing it down and placing it in the totally wrong section of the Internet. I don't expect a VIP 1:1 chat with the devs at all, but it's comforting to know that if they want to they will at least be able to check it out.
Currently posting in "General" chat wouldn't really end up any where near the devs attention as I doubt they browse all the thousand of threads created there per month to scout for suggestions. :P

Anyway that's my rant, I didn't find the right place to put it so I put it here. At least I know someone will reply on these forums and I won't feel so alone!
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